Decoupage Furniture

Did you ever wish that there were something you could make with some gift wrap, a greeting card, or a print that you especially liked? With decoupage, the craft of decorating with paper cutouts, you can place you furniture, wooden planters, plaques, and even rocks. Decoupage is an old craft that was widely used to decorate furniture in 18th-century France. The name comes from a French word that means "to cut out."

Elaborate, hand-colored paper cutouts were glued to the surface of a piece of furniture. Then many coats of varnish were applied over the furniture and the cutouts, with careful sending between coats. When enough coats of varnish had been been applied, the surface was so smooth that it was impossible to feel the edges of the cutouts. Today, this smoothness is still considered the sign of good decoupage.

Some people w
ho do decoupage will apply 30 or more coasts of varnish to achieve the fine finish they desire. But there are now fast-drying decoupage finishes that require only about ten coasts. This greatly reduces the time it takes complete a decoupage project. And with the vast assortment of colored pictures available in magazines and on gift wrap and greeting cards, most people can find something that fits their special interests and tastes. Even pictures of cartoon characters can be used.

Decoupage involves more than simply gluing a picture onto a board. Your choice of pictures onto a board. Your choice of pictures and the way you arrange them are important, too. They will determine the attractiveness and originality of your project. Your skill will be reflected in the way you cut out the prints, apply varnish, and sand to a smooth finish.

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