Hobby Spending Your Free Time

A hobby is a favorite way of spending your free time. It's an activity you turn to for pleasure. A hobby isn't required, like haircuts or helping with the dishes. A hobby is more like a special friend. You can choose it yourself. You spend your free time with a hobby because it interests you and because you enjoy it. Since different people like to do so many different things in their spare time, the list of hobbies is a very long one. It takes in everything from swimming, tying trout flies, collecting beach glass, and raising tropical fish to learning about the stars, bird watching and decoding secret messages.

Wherever you live, whatever special tastes and skills you have, there's a hobby for you. You may enjoy collecting things, then organizing and arranging them. In a addition to coins and stamps, you can collect rocks and minerals, button, shells, dolls, fans, or antiques. If you like to work with your hands, bead-work, macramé, leatherwork, and model making all require great concentration and attention to detail. Or you may enjoy creative hobbies, like painting, clay modeling, and découpage. Many people prefer active outdoor hobbies, such as sailing or hiking, which they can enjoy with others.

If you really become absorbed in a hobby, you interest may last a lifetime. Franklin D. Roosevelt, for example, never lost his enthusiasm for stamp collecting. A hobby like chemistry or astronomy that you start when young may even develop into a career.

Often, however, people find their most satisfying hobby quite late in life. Both Dwight D. Eisenhower and Winston Churchill were mature men when they turned to painting for relaxation, and it wasn't until her busy years as a farm wife were over that Grandma Moses found the leisure to paint the primitive scenes that made her famous.

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