How to Make Placemat in Weaving

If you would like to make a placemat, this is a simple advice for you. make a loom about 11 inches wide and 18 inches long. Tie the end of the yarn to a corner brad, extend the yarn to and around the brad opposite, then come back again. To make a loom for placemat, you need to be patient. Continue threading back and forth all across the loom.

You have now placed to the warp, or foundation threads. The threads that you will place crosswise are called the woof. To place the woof tie a new length of yarn to the same brad on which you fastened the warp thread. Extend the yarn to the nearest unused brad. With your fingers or a crochet needle, pull the yarn over the first warp yarn, under the next, over the next, and so forth all the way to the opposite nail. When you come back, go over the threads you went under and under the ones you went over. Fasten the yarn to the last brad. When you complete your weaving, gently lift the piece from the loom. Then pull the yarn through the end loops all the way around, and tie it at a corner.

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