What Hobby Can Give to You?

If you've ever had a hobby you enjoyed, you know the interest and pleasure it can give you. But hobbies have other advantages, too, that you might not think of at first. A hobby can give you the satisfaction of starting and carrying through a project all on your own. Seeing a completed piece of your own work (a bench you've made or a scarf you've knitted) gives you a special feeling of pride. You'll discover too that when you have an absorbing hobby, you're able to spend time alone quite happily.

Often a hobby teaches you a great deal without your even being aware of it. When you put stamps in your album, for instance, you're learning, through these small, colorful pictures, something about the geography and history of these nations and countries. And when you classify the rocks in your collection, you're also learning something about geology, or the history of the earth.

Corresponding with boys and girls in other countries can make you familiar with customs and ways of life that are new to you. It's even possible, if you have a hobby like fudge making or cooking baking, to sell your wares and add to your spending money.

When you select a hobby that interests you, it will give you many hours of pleasure and may lead to an interesting and creative future.

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